SIG 5 Learning and Development in Early Childhood Conference 2022


We will organize two workshops during the conference. It is not necessary to register for the workshops on beforehand.

Wednesday 13 July [09.00-10.30] Invited workshop: Multi-methodological approaches to access children’s voices

Facilitated by: Valentina Pagani, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy | Giulia Pastori, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy | Martha Esteban, Institute for Educational Research, University of Barcelona, Spain

Workshop description: In recent decades, the image of children has profoundly changed. Children have been recognized as active social actors and as competent and reliable informants, experts in their own experience. This change has had significant repercussions also at the academic level. Approaches interested in listening to and understanding children’s perspectives have increasingly gained ground. However, the inherent challenge of participatory processes is that they require careful ethical and methodological planning, in preparing research experiences that not only involve children but are also meaningful for them. The workshop aims at engaging the participants in reflecting on the importance of adopting a multi-methodological perspective to access children’s voices and discussing possible techniques to trigger the participatory experience.

Wednesday 13 July [09.00-10.30] JURE workshop: Research planning and time management for young researchers

Facilitated by: Martine Broekhuizen, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Workshop description: Have you been procrastinating your way through your research project(s)? Or do you have an intense workload and difficulty with prioritizing tasks? In this workshop, we will practice with some tips and tools that help you to be on top of your working hours again. Although this workshop takes the PhD trajectory as a starting point, it could also be useful for other young researchers (e.g., post-docs) who want to learn more about research planning and time management.